le>Expertise en immobilier et industrie

Certified according to EN 180 9001 2008 version by Bureau Veritas Certification since the second half of 2013, GEZA Expertise has the privilege of being the first certified by an international standard in Côte d'Ivoire in its field of business activity.

This distinction reflects the careful listening to our customers, the ability of our internal organization to ensure the satisfaction thereof and continuously improve. The quality policy which we have provided for this purpose revolves around the following axes:

  • Ensure a good quality of expert reports in the background and in shape;
  • meet deadlines;
  • ensure the qualification and improving the skills of our staff; ensure the sustainability of our society

these axes, broken down into specific objectives on each business processes are regularly monitored using relevant indicators.

To this end, we are committed to implement all necessary means to achieve these objectives, in close collaboration with the Director of Operations, representative of the Directorate General. To her we entrust the responsibility to ensure effective communication ç quality this policy and understanding throughout the organization. It reports to the Directorate General of the operation of removal of the quality system and any need for improvement. Part of revision of this quality policy and objectives arising therefrom, is the annual Management Review.

These resolutions can not achieve the effect discount without the active participation of each member of staff. That is why we strongly urge each employee to resolutely engage in this dynamic that will ensure our sustainability both nationally and internationally.


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