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Products & Service of Geza Expertises

Our services :

Expertise before disaster
Expertise after disaster
Geza assessement
Technical risks audit
Industrial risks
Commercial risks
Technical risks
Financial analysis for the operating loss
Prior expertise
Real estate assessement
Industrial equipment and fourniture assessment
  • Fire
  • Electrival daommages électriques
  • Mobbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Petroleum risks
  • Aeronautics
  • Carried goods
  • Agricultural risks
  • Breaking of machines
  • Storm,hurricane,Cyclone
  • Computer risks
  • Water damages
  • Public liability
  • Loss of business concern

GEZA ASSESSMENT afford you exceptional means of protection and security in evry decisions with regard to the management and the change of your personal assets.

In order to provide speedy and effective solution to your problem,a multidisciplinart team bound by professional secrecy stands ready to intervene for your request,mainly in the field of assessments.
Why your personal assets must be assessed?
  • Useful in case of transaction,      
  • Necessary in case of succession,
  • Sensible to insure at best,
  • Essential in case of mortage
Who is affected by the expertise ?
  • The selfer of property,
  • The owner of a property faced with a defect ,
  • The owner who is at variance with contractor,
  • The owner who is going to take delivery of his house,
  • The prospective purcharser of a property for which the bank requires the value,
  • The company which needs to knwo the value of its assets,
  • The prospective purchaser of a business.
Would you like an Expert to overse your project acquisition?

Examination and testing of the property's state.

Do you notice a disorder  ?

There to help you find the causes and the curse of this pathologies.

  • Dampness, infiltration
  • Mushroom mould
  • Settlement and cracks

Structural instability

What might be assessed?

A property - A chattel - A possession

What kind of assessment?

- Insurance value 's assessment.
- Rental and market's assessment.
- Business assessment.

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